Customer Reviews

Here at the Georgia Pig we understand that word of mouth is one of the best ways to share an appreciation for real good BBQ. So we would like to take a few moments and share what other customers have said about their trip to the Georgia Pig.

“This is real, down-home BBQ. Every time we have been to the Pig the service has been friendly, prompt, and we have been made to feel welcome. If you want good honest cooking at incredible prices then this is your joint.  If you want sliders and shots and fake BBQ there are plenty of other places – please go there and leave more room at the Pig for me and my friends!”Allison S. 1/22/14 Yelp Reviewer


“In  five simple words: Best pulled pork sandwich ever!! This is by far the best pulled pork sandwich you can ever lay your eyes and mouth on. Georgia’s pig is definitely a place I’ve come to love not only for its food but for its friendly service.”Cindy S. 9/4/2013 Yelp Reviewer


“This is a great bbq restaurant, this is a step back into time. Where good food and service meet.” – Ted 12/21/2012 Urbanspoon Reviewer


“I’ve been eating at The Pig for 30 years.  I go about once a week or two. The pies are simply incredible.  Pecan pie is their specialty I think, and it converted me to a pecan pie lover! The menu is limited but  good. The Pig is an absolute classic Fort Lauderdale landmark, and absolute treasure.”Russell F. 2/3/14 Yelp Reviewer


“The BBQ pork sandwich was very good and the sauce complimented it perfectly. The other specials were good too. The sides were pretty simple and nothing to write home about but the main course was very enjoyable. It was nice to dine here rather than the normal modern day chain that dominates our neighborhoods these days. This place was built in 1953 and has some deserved character that no one else shares. Wish we had more places like this instead of the same old same old everywhere.” Bradford B. 11/28/12 Urbanspoon Reviewer


“Outstanding Pork sandwich – It was my first time there and not knowing what to order, the waitress friendly suggested the BBQ Pork Sandwich….It was excellent!!!!!! I grew up in a Southern family, and trust me, this is BBQ at its finest!!!!!!!!!” Subguy 2/2013 CitySearch Reviewer


Even with these great reviews, we are still waiting for you to come on in and have your own experience. So get in here and see for yourself what everyone has been talking about for the past 61 years!