Founded in 1953 the Georgia pig has been a South Florida staple for over 60 years. Linton and Frances Anderson moved to South Florida in the early 1950s from Jesup, Georgia bringing with them family recipes. What started as a meat market quickly became a BBQ restaurant. Our first day of business was on Friday the 13th, 1953 the doors opened with few employees and a rush of customers eager to try some new BBQ. As the business grew we expanded from just counter seating to tables and booths. Our original pit master and founder Linton passed away in the 1970s. Frances Anderson and her son Wayne Anderson took up the challenge of running the Pig after his passing.

Frances was a staple for many customers and employees. She became the warm welcome each person sought at every visit to the pig. Known for her spicy Brunswick Stew, homemade Pecan Pie and smile she is simply unforgettable. Frances passed in 1997 leaving the restaurant in her son Wayne’s capable hands.

Wayne and his wife JoAnn continued to run the restaurant from then on. Keeping the restaurant in the family meant that customers could continue to see familiar faces and rejoice in shared memories. Wayne became the Pit Master for many years while JoAnn was a waitress. JoAnn took over the Brunswick Stew and Pecan Pie until 2013. Wayne eventually trained Rick as the Pit Master. Both Wayne and JoAnn were able to take a step back and spend more time talking to customers and reminiscing.

In 2014 Wayne and JoAnn sold the restaurant to the Moorman family. Luke Moorman and his family now run the Georgia Pig. Making no changes to staff or recipes they understand fully the great responsibility that’s in their hands. The Moorman family now looks forward to making their own memories with generations of customers.