Meet the staff

There are many unique aspects of The Georgia Pig, and our staff certainly is one of our most treasured commodities. Therefore we feel it is important to introduce you to each of our team members that help make The Georgia Pig a second home to all who enter.

Lets start at the front of the house, whether you are eating in or taking your food to-go, you are bound to meet our pit master, cashiers, waitresses, line cooks and support staff.

Pit Master

In The Georgia Pigs’ history there have only been five Pit Masters to serve this integral role. Our fifth and current Pit Master is Pit Man Dan. Dan has been with The Georgia Pig for about six years and begins each day by building the fire, butchering the meat and cooking up our signature pork, beef, ribs and chicken. If you are looking for a show, try to sit at the counter and you can watch him work his magic!


Our Cashiers and Take Out Attendants

Terri and Debbie both work the cashier station taking the time to ring up your total on our old fashioned register. While maintaining the register, these ladies also manage the ringing telephone noting all take out orders and preparing those same orders. As if that were not enough they also help our waitresses by bussing tables and setting up clean tables for the next patron. Both Terri and Debbie are also responsible for our homemade Chocolate Cream Pie and our Coconut Cream Pie. Both are made fresh daily by these two talented ladies. Wednesdays call for Peach Cobbler made in house by Debbie while Fridays are reserved for Banana Pudding made fresh by Terri. Both of these hard working ladies have been with The Georgia Pig for over 15 years each!



At The Georgia Pig we have five full time waitresses ready to serve you. Many of them have been working with The Georgia Pig for over 10 years.  We have Pearl, De , Mercee, Joanne, Terri and Amber.  Each with their own style and personality they have a knack for making you feel like you are sitting down at a family reunion. Once you become a regular customer they will only need to see your face and begin to get your drink ready. Many of our waitresses were working with the original founder of The Georgia Pig Mrs. Frances Anderson and would be happy to share their memories with you. If you have never been to The Georgia Pig, don’t be bashful in asking questions as we love to share the rich history The Georgia Pig has to offer. Much of the time people have described our waitresses as prompt, warmhearted and responsive.


Line Cooks

We have three main cooks that have been with the Georgia Pig for many years. From preparing your food when it is ordered to the large amounts of prep work they are each an integral part of the team. Gilbert is our breakfast cook, and is also our daily special chef. Gilbert has been with the Georgia Pig since 1999.  Rick is our lunch cook and is also responsible for making all of our side dishes including Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad, and Potato Salad.  Our night cooks are Bryan and Zac and he prepares all of the breakfast sausage by hand as well as assists in the production of our brunswick stew.



Over the past 61 years The Georgia Pig has been a family run restaurant. The Anderson family recently passed the torch and responsibility of The Georgia Pig to the Moorman family. Unlike many restaurants you will find our owners both past and present are on grounds working alongside their staff.  They know that they are the most essential support staff filling in the gaps and ensuring smooth service for all of our customers.

Each member of our staff plays an important role in The Georgia Pig family. We understand that many of our customers have been coming to The Georgia Pig for years, many as a family tradition and we intend to provide the same service and food that was given when we first began in 1953.